Is jewelry in the plans for this holiday season?

We are in the middle of the holiday and gift giving season.  Typically when giving and receiving gifts, insurance is one of the last things on your mind.  Receiving gifts can potentially impact your insurance needs.  Remember it will cost you an estimated $39,094.93 to buy the Twelve Days of Christmas this year according to  The Holiday Season can be a time of year where more expensive gifts are given.  Rings, watches, necklaces, and other jewelry, not to mention other valuable items are given.  Valuable items like this typically need special attention paid to them.  Adding an inland marine policy or inland marine endorsement to your homeowners’ policy is a great way to protect your new gifts.  Homeowners and renters policies without an inland marine component typically offer some coverage for valuable gifts. Your renters or homeowners policy most likely carries a per piece limit for valuable items, that limit can easily be exceeded and leave you with not enough coverage to replace them.  Personal inland marine coverage also typically includes increased covered perils as well.  Your homeowner’s policy will not usually cover things like breakage and some other perils covered by the inland marine part.  A different deductible can also be applied to an inland marine so you can pay less of a deductible on valuable, sentimental items in the event of a claim.  Not sure if an inland marine is right for you and your new gift, give us a call and let us help you understand what you need.  You can reach us via this website, via our social sites, or at 412-344-2800.  Also check out our social media sites for tips on how to stay safe when shopping in the mall or online this year.  Click the buttons on this page to check us out.