Wrapping up the month of June.

The month of June is almost over.  Hopefully the start summer has been off to a good start for you and those around you.  With Summer in full swing there are a lot of activities and adventures coming up.  We want to remind you that we are here for you if you have any insurance questions in regards to these activities and adventures.  Keep in mind that June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day.  With that being said we would like to give you some things to think about this summer when it comes to your insurance.  

June is the most popular month for weddings.  Weddings are usually very happy and exciting times for everyone involved.  Weddings much like graduation parties can present some liability issues for those people hosting these events.  With some companies and in some cases your homeowners will extend to cover the liability for the event.  It is a good idea to check with both your venue and your homeowners insurance to see what is and isn't covered.  That way you know of any issues that could come up.  Do not forget about the liquor exposure either.  Also before you even get to planning the wedding make sure that your engagement ring is properly covered.  Inland Marine policies or riders on your homeowners are a great way to make sure your ring is protected.  

With June being the first month of summer many people are out on the water, whether you are at the ocean, the lake. or the river, your toys can present you with a liability exposure.  Boats, jet skis, and other power sports toys can leave a coverage gap if you are not careful.  Boat policies are a great way to not only protect your investment but also provide you with liability if you find yourself in a law suit.  Most companies write these products but some companies do it better than others.  

As June comes to a close we wish everyone a happy and safe summer.  As always we ask you to follow us on our social media sites which are linked in the top right hand corner.  We also want to remind you that we have a referral program where you can win a gift card.  All you have to do is refer us someone you know for a quote.    

April is here

The month of April is here.  Warmer weather will allow us to leave our homes and go outside.  What happens though when we get outside and see that winter was a lot harder on our home than we thought?  The winter months can be hard on many things, gutters can clog, driveways and walks can become uneven or cracked and dead tree branches and shrubbery debris can leave your yard a mess.  Spring can be a good time to check and clean the gutters.  Keeping the gutters clear can keep water from backing up and running into your house.  It would also be a good time to examine the windows and doors around your house.  Winter weather can wear out weather stripping and caulking.  Worn out weather stripping and caulking can let moisture enter the house and cause further damage.  Repairs to the driveway and walks can keep your family and guest safe from trip and falls.  Sealing your driveway or leveling uneven payment can be a good way to keep everyone safe.  Also while outside check the lawn mower and lawn care items.  Spring can be a good time to change mower oil and sharpen the blades.  Observe proper safety measures while sharpening the blades if you do that job yourself.  After putting gas in the lawn mower make sure to store excess gas in a well ventilated area so that it is properly stored.  Finally for the outside, when was the last time that you had your air conditioner serviced.  Spring is a good time to have your HVAC professional check your air conditioner so you are ready to make the switch from heat to AC.  These tips can get your outside ready for summer and help keep you and quests safe.  Follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram for other tips and tools.  You can use the buttons on the page to connect to each of our sites or drop us an email. 

Three Rivers Boat Show and Pittsburgh Outdoor Expo

A reminder that we will be at the Three Rivers Boat Show this weekend January 26th, 27th, and 28th.  The Three Rivers Boat Show is part of the Pittsburgh Outdoor Expo at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.  Stop by and see us and talk Boat Insurance or insurance for your other toys.  While there register to win a JBL Flip 4 water proof Bluetooth ready speaker.  

Three Rivers Boat Show and Boat Insurance

Tired of winter weather bringing freezing temperatures and icy driving conditions?  Spring my not be right around the corner but we can act like it is.  This January 26th, 27th, and 28th we will be at the Three Rivers Boat Show.  The boat show will be at the David L Lawrence Convention Center.  This show will be part of the bigger Pittsburgh Outdoor Expo.  Boat Insurance can be a little bit tricky.  Most companies will insure a boat, however, some companies may be a better fit than others based on where you plan to use the boat and what coverage’s you need for your boat.  Do you take your boat into ocean waters?  Does your boat go to Canada?  These are factors that could determine where you want to place your boat insurance.  Another major factor that could influence your decision on where to insure your boat would be the valuation of the boat after a claim.  There are two main ways that a boat is valued when it comes to insurance, actual cash value and agreed value.  Actual Cash Value would take deprecation into account.  Insuring your boat for actual cash value can save you a little bit of money, but in the event of a claim you would be subject to having your boat depreciated in value and then have the deductible as well.  Agreed value is just like it sounds, you and the insurance company agree on a value of the boat, the boat is then insured for that value minus the deductible. 


Do you have electronics such as depth finders, GPS equipment, Sonar equipment, or just things like an upgraded radio?  These are typically items to are included on a boat policy, but at a low amount.  Increases and upgrades to these items could leave you with a coverage gap.  If you use the boat for fishing, fishing equipment you keep on the boat could be listed as well.  Many companies now write boat insurance similar to car insurance with coverage for uninsured boaters, towing, and emergency services.  Boat insurance can be what you want out of it.


Have a boat or know someone who does?  We would be happy to help with a boat insurance quote and/or asses boat insurance needs.  We encourage you to come to the Pittsburgh Boat Show and discuss your boat or any other insurance concerns you have.