What insurance do I need for an Airbnb?

An Airbnb can be a great option to save money when you go out of town.  What if you want to use your home as an Airbnb?  There are potential coverage issues when you use your home as an Airbnb.  AirBnb offers coverage for the liability through Host Protection Insurance.  When looking at the Airbnb website the Host Protection Insurance looks to be coverage for 1 million dollars for third-party claims of bodily injury or property damage related to an Airbnb stay. (airbnb.com/help/article/937/what-is-host-protection-insurance).  The Airbnb will also cover up to 1,000,000 for damages to a covered property in the event a guest damages the house. (https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/279/what-is-the-airbnb-host-guarantee).  

Where does that leave you with your insurance carrier?  First it is a good idea to contact us if you are thinking of listing your house as an Airbnb or listing with another home sharing service.  Some companies will deny coverage for a claim if it is used for home sharing.  Other companies will provide coverage if the company is made aware and the proper endorsements are listed.  Erie Insurance will cover home sharing in many circumstances.  Erie will extend coverage for home sharing when the insuring home is the primary location.  Keep that in mind as Erie will not provide coverage for home sharing on a seasonal or secondary dwelling.  Erie will extend coverage once the Incidental Business Endorsement is added.  Your home must also be listed through a home sharing online platform service with a primary liability limit of 1,000,000.  

Your Airbnb Host Protection along with your Erie policy should protect for most situations that arise.  Contact us with other questions.  For more helpful tips and insights stay tuned to this blog.  Also remember to check out our social media pages listed at the top right hand corner of this blog.