Are you summer road tripping?

Summer vacation season is in full swing.  Are you taking a long drive to a destination the second half of summer?  According to Liberty Mutual Insurance’s New Beginnings Report, nearly half of Americans don’t check that proper emergency items are in their car.  We have a previous blog entry for you with ideas on what to keep in your emergency kit.  After you have your emergency kit make sure you are ready to drive with little or no distractions.  Make sure your GPS is loaded and your phone is down and put on driving mode.  As for the car, if your car has been inspected recently you should be good to go.  If your inspection was a few months ago, make sure you check your tires.  Check tire wear and pressure. The penny test is a good way to determine if you need new tires.  Also make sure you are set at your tires recommended pressure. Don’t forget to check your cars fluids as well.  Checking your oil, coolant, transmission fluid and windshield wiper fluid can help save you an emergency later.  If you have jumper cables make sure they are packed along with your phone car charger and a flashlight.  It is also a good idea to charge your cell phone prior to leaving.  Buckle up and have a good trip.  Don’t forget to avoid distracted driving and share the road.  Have a good trip and a great summer.