Summer road trip?

Memorial Day has passed and the official start to summer is in two weeks.  Summer road trips and vacations can mean loading up the car and taking off.  Few things can derail a summer trip faster than car troubles.  One problem that can show up when the temperatures raises is a dead car battery.  According to AAA Exchange it is a good idea to replace a car battery that is over three years old. While you are under the hood check your fluids.  Your coolant being low could lead to a summer driving issue.  Make sure coolant is at the correct level, and don’t forget to never remove a hot coolant cap.  Be sure to check your tires also.  According to be sure to check your tire pressures, and tire wear.  Keep a can of fix a flat in the car as well, that could come in handy during a flat.  It is also a good idea to keep a survival kit in your car.  Don’t forget to include water, a first aid kit, phone charger, snacks, sunscreen, emergency blanket, multi-tool, jumper cables, fuses, duct tape, rag and gloves.  Remember to stay alert and stay safe on the roads this summer.