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We want to help you not only with your home and auto insurance but also with your life, health, and business insurance.  We want to help you find the best complete package to make sure that you are properly protect for whatever life throws at you.  September is Life Insurance Awareness month, we would like to ask each of you to evaluate your life insurance needs, or let us help you evaluate.  There are companies that will give you a discount on your home and auto with your life insurance. 


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What if a fired employee sues me for wrongful termination?

Are you a small business with employees?  If so you have had to hire an employee and possibly fire an employee.  What if that hiring or firing went bad?  What if someone who didn’t get the job felt like you discriminated against him or her or you fired an employee that felt wronged and that person sued you?  While this can be a large corporation issue, a lot of times this issue is a small business issue.  This can be a small business issue because small businesses usually do not have the time, budget, or legal advice to formulate an employee handbook or have a large HR department.  Not having the correct procedures for hiring, disciplining, and firing can open you up to a lawsuit from a disgruntled former employee. 


Employment Practices Liability coverage can help protect you from the above situations.  Employment Practices Liability or EPLI is coverage to protect you from claims that employees make against you in regards to discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment and other employment related issues including failure to promote.  EPLI coverage can be written as a stand-alone policy in some cases or added as an endorsement to a Business Owners Policy, Commercial Package, or General Liability policy.  EPLI coverage is typically written on a claim made basis.  This means the claim would have to happen during the coverage period, because of this tail coverage is recommended.  Tail coverage extends coverage beyond the end of the policy period. 


EPLI coverage is just one of the coverages that are becoming more and more necessary in our ever changing world.  If you are interested in EPLI coverage or seeing what other coverages could be beneficial to your small business feel free to reach out to us via the phone at 412-344-2800 or via the contact page on this website.  You can also contact us via any of our social media sites-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+.  Stop by and tell us if this post was helpful and ask us any questions you have.