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We want to be here for you.  If you our one of our customers we want to thank you for being a customer, if you are doing some research and checking us out then welcome.  Either way thanks for checking out our blog. We want to be here for you in all areas.  Check out our social media accounts.  We are on google+, Facebook, and twitter.  You can click the buttons on this page to go to each account.  On our social media we talk about insurance but we also try to keep you informed on the on goings of the city, traffic and other things related to Pittsburgh.  We also love feedback on these sites so let us know how we are doing. 


We want to help you not only with your home and auto insurance but also with your life, health, and business insurance.  We want to help you find the best complete package to make sure that you are properly protect for whatever life throws at you.  September is Life Insurance Awareness month, we would like to ask each of you to evaluate your life insurance needs, or let us help you evaluate.  There are companies that will give you a discount on your home and auto with your life insurance. 


We want you to know that we are here for you.  Feel free to call us or contact us for a yearly review as well.  A year or two can result in some big changes; let us help you make sure you are covered.

Tax Day and Earth Day

The middle and end of the month of April bring up some important days on the calendar.  This year Tax Day falls on April 17th.  This year as in the past many companies are offering discounts or freebies for goods and services.  We will be here all day on the 17th to help you with your insurance needs of course, but what are some other offers you can take advantage of.  Office Depot and Staples both offer discounts on shredding services with coupon.  This could be very beneficial to you and help to cut down on potential ID theft.  If ID theft is a concern of yours, I would encourage you to reach out to us and discuss your homeowners or renters policy.  Many insurance companies offer some type of ID theft coverage via endorsement to their homeowner’s policy.  Many restaurants get in the act as well offering discounts on everything from food to drinks.  Just remember your limit when you are out enjoying your drinks so that you don’t have to potentially use that umbrella policy you just picked up. 


Sunday April 22th is Earth Day.  This year is the 47th anniversary of Earth Day.  Looking for some activities to do to help celebrate Earth Day?  If you live close to work you can walk or bike to work for the week.  You could also look to upgrade your light bulbs and appliances.  Many companies do offer Earth Day sales and giveaways.  Upgrading to Energy star appliances and halogen light bulbs could help you cut down on energy usage and save you money. If you go all out and upgrade to solar panels or buy a hybrid car make sure you let us know so that we can make sure that we have you properly covered.   You can also click the link to check out propertycasualty360.com’s best eco-friendly cars. 




Make sure you click the buttons on this website to follow us on social media as well.  We update our social media regularly with tips on insurance, home, and auto.  This month’s topics have centered a little bit on Spring Cleaning and how you can get your home in tip top shape and help renew it from the hard winter.  What topics would you like to see in our blog? 

On goings at the agency.

An update on some of the things that we have going on at the Agency.  Remember that we have a quarterly referral program.  Each referral you give to us enters you in a drawing for a gift card.  The drawing is done quarterly with our next drawing being in May.  If your referral has anything to do with the Foundation for Fighting Blindness then we will also make a five dollar donation to the foundation.  Finally we will be giving away a gift certificate for Naturoll in Cranberry Twp.  We have a drawing box at 20550 Route 19 Cranberry Twp PA.  Stop in for some ice cream and a chance to win.

What if the worst happens?

No one wants to think about the worst case situation.  No one wants to think about causing an accident where someone gets hurt badly or worse.  No one wants to think about being the cause of a complete home loss or slip and fall that drastically alters someone’s life.  These situations though can and do happen.  Insurance whether home or auto is there to help you financially in these situations, your liability limits are what come into play if a worst case scenario happens.  Liability limits are something that a lot of people do not give much thought.  Everyone wants to know what their premium is or how much money is the deductible.  While premiums and deductibles are important and have a financial impact on your life, they do not have the potential impact that too low of liability limits would have in a worst case situation.  Many times the cost of raising your liability limits is very cost effective. 


How do you know if your liability limits are too low?  One way is to look at your assets.  If you had a worst case situation and were sued how much would you stand to lose?  Sadly for many people in worst case situations you have the guilt of seriously impacting someone’s life, and then you potentially have to look at the possibility of losing your 401k or your house or everything you have worked for.  The Insurance Services Office estimates that 20 percent of people who purchase auto insurance purchase state minimum coverage.  Are you one of that 20 percent?  You can also contact us at 412-344-2800 to discuss and evaluate your liability needs. 


What if you need a higher liability limit than your auto insurance offers?  Is there a cost effective way to cover me for a worst case situation that would cover both my auto and my home?  Yes there is.  An umbrella policy is in many cases a cost effective policy that can give you a million dollars or more of liability coverage that can be excess over your limits of liability on your auto and home.  Most companies offer an umbrella policy that offers excess coverage for your home and auto.  Many of our carriers offer very cost effective umbrellas. 


No one wants to be involved in a worst case situation accident.  No one wants to be involved in that kind of situation and lose everything they have worked hard to achieve.  Consider adding an umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio.  You can contact us via the contact page on this website or call us at 412-344-2800.  You can also reach out to us via social media accessed through the buttons on this webpage. 

Where you can find us on social media.

We would like to connect with our clients, friends, family and others via our social media.  We think it is important to keep you up to date on the happenings of the agency as well as with articles and information that will keep you safe and sound.  This is your invitation to connect with us on all of our forms of social media.  We look forward to connecting, informing, and hopefully having positive dialogue with all of you. 

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Do you have the right contractors insurance?

What you could need on your contractors insurance.

Running a business is hard.  You have to worry about bidding jobs, payroll, and obtaining new clients.  Worrying about your insurance coverage is usually not at the top of the list of priorities.  What do you need from you insurance though?  There are many options available to you for insurance as a contractor.  One of the main coverages that a contractor needs is general liability coverage.  General Liability coverage is there to cover bodily injury and property damage that you are liable for.  One important thing to keep in mind though is that in most cases general liability coverage will not cover faulty craftsmanship.  This coverage is for things like dropping a tool on the floor or causing a slip and fall.  Another coverage closely related to general liability is voluntary property damage coverage.  This coverage provides insurance for unintentional damage to property of others caused by the insured while property is in the care, custody, and control of the insured.  This coverage is typically not in the standard insurance policy and must be added by endorsement.  This coverage is very important for contractors and is something that a contractor should have. 


Another issue for contractors, what would you do if you were to lose all your tools?  How much would it cost you to replace them?  An inland marine policy can help put you whole again.  An inland marine policy is a policy that covers your tools and equipment away from the shop.  This policy is written on an actual cash value form so it is important to review it every year.  Another issue to look for is whether your inland marine policy, if you do have one, is a blanket or a schedule.  A blanket form typically carriers a per piece limit, that limit is typically 1000 or 2000 dollars per tool.  This could leave you upside down in the event of a claim.  Also of note is that blankets typically exclude mobile equipment like mini excavators. 


Finally have you ever had to sit on a job site because you were waiting on a certificate or the correct language on a certificate?  When dealing with commercial insurance it’s important to make sure your company has the endorsements you need on your policy or has the ability to add them.  Working with an agent who writes commercial insurance regularly can help insure that you have all the additional insured and waiver of subrogation forms that you need to bid on jobs and get paid on those jobs.  We would be happy to help review and quote your commercial insurance for you.  Let us be the experts that you can count on.

How can we help you?

Did you know that we can be your one stop shop for all your insurance needs?  We offer auto, home, life, business, and health insurance.  In some cases you can bundle your life, home, and auto together to take advantage of maximum discounts, when it makes sense for you.  As an independent agency we can work with you to determine your needs and match you with the best carrier for you.  Our yearly review process allows us discuss changes in your life that can affect your insurance needs.  Contact us on the buttons below for a consultation on how we can help you.  In the coming weeks we will highlight some of the policies that we can help you with.  Check back here to see what we can help you with. 

Should all my insurance be with one carrier?

If you watch TV for any amount of time you will see a commercial talking about bundling your insurance, or combining your insurance.  This is a very good practice with many advantages.  The main advantage is the multi-policy discount that you receive.  This discount in some cases can be a large discount and save you a lot of money.  Another advantage is ease of billing.  If you have all your insurance with one company you may be able to receive one bill in some circumstances.  This can save you the frustration of missing a payment due to thinking you already paid that bill.  One bill means no more thinking that you paid your auto insurance when you paid your home insurance.  A third advantage is one call for all your needs.  Having all your insurance with one carrier means that you only need to make one call and you can take care of your home and auto needs (or life and business).  The agent or customer service rep can easily pull up your information and give you the payment or coverage information you need for all policies.  Finally you can develop a good relationship with the agent and the customer service reps.  By having all lines of business with one carrier and making one call for all your needs you get a chance to have a comfortability with the people helping you.  Calling with a problem becomes easier because you are calling someone you know and trust. 


Are there circumstances’ where having different insurance companies is beneficial?  Yes, this can happen if there is a qualifying issue or a coverage issue.  Not every person qualifies for every insurance company based on driving record.  This could lead to a situation where it is more cost effective for you to split up your carriers.  Another time when it could be beneficial to have two different carriers is for coverages.  Carrier A might offer coverages that Carrier B does not on homeowners insurance.  When you look at the difference in cost for the multi-policy discount you might decide to pay a little more to obtain certain coverages.  You could say to yourself that you want the ability to call only one place and talk to the same people, how you can do this if you have two different carriers.  We can help you with that.  With an independent agent, you can have one agency look out for you.  The agency takes the guess work out of looking for the best fit between price and coverage.  Give us a call we would be happy to help you out, or use the email button to send us an email.