Winter Storm Harper

First off we want to ask everyone to be safe this weekend as a large snow storm is set to head our way.  Large winter storms can cause stress and anxiety for many people.  As the storm approaches be prepared for the storm.  On this blog and our social media sites we have talked about ways to winterize your car and home.  Last week we touched on snow shoveling.  Don’t forget about your four legged family members during a winter storm.  Remember to keep your pets’ outdoor time to a minimum during the storm.  Also if you have small or short haired animals consider a coat or booties according to  They ask you to remember that if it’s cold for you, it is cold for your pets too.  When your pets come in from outdoors wipe off wets paws and bellies with a moist wash cloth, salt and snow between the toes can be painful to your pet. (   Keep an eye on your pets’ water as well as most winter storm deaths for pets are a result of dehydration. ( Your pet however isn’t the only one at risk of dehydration, avoid caffeine and alcohol if you are going to be out in the storm as both can increase the effect that cold has on you.  Don’t forget that other animals are outside as well and may be seeking shelter under your car if you park outside.  Looking under your car or banging loudly on the car can scare out and animals that might be hiding underneath your car.  Depending on your area, this weekend could bring up to 8 inches.  Stay safe and keep your pets safe and enjoy the weekend.