What does St. Patrick's day have to do with National Umbrella Month?

St. Patrick’s day is here on Sunday. Every year people celebrate the day when everyone is Irish. Celebrations mean different things to different people, but for some those celebrations involve parties and alcohol. What does that have to do with National Umbrella month? We might be using National Umbrella Month wrong, it is supposed to be for the umbrella that protects you from rain, but let’s talk about the umbrella that protects you from life? How this umbrella protects you on St. Patrick’s day is by giving you extra liability coverage if someone slips and falls at your house or has some kind of accident. An umbrella policy sits on top of your home and auto policy and gives you a limit of liability higher than your auto and home. Most umbrella’s start at 1 million in coverage and could be key to your financial future if you are sued. An umbrella could be the difference between losing your house and keeping what you have worked hard to obtain. Umbrella’s are typically a cost effective policy. Premiums can be in the 150 to 500 range. This St Patrick’s Day enjoy the day and the celebration. Rest easy knowing that if the worst happens your umbrella has you covered from the storm.