How does your lawn look?

Fall is on the way.  Fall can be the time of year when people work on their lawns and landscaping for next spring.  Fall can be the time of year when you fill in bare and burned spots, apply fertilizer, and possibly aerate.  According to , aeration is the process of removing soil plugs from a yard in order to free up passageways for precious nutrients to reach grassroots, these nutrients can struggle to reach the roots due to soil compaction.  When using an aerator, suggest inspecting your area first and removing any rocks, wires, or other objects that could present a hazard.  Set the aerator at a comfortable walk speed and avoid hard surfaces.  Always use safe lifting techniques when loading and unloading the aerator and never stick your hands or feet near the moving or rotating parts.  Also never leave the machine unattended on a slope.  It is also a good idea to use gloves and safety glasses when working on your yard. 


After aerating your lawn you may want to add seed or fertilizer.  Remember to keep safety in mind not only for you and your family but your four legged family too.  The website has many tips on how to safely fertilize your lawn.  First and foremost they suggest reading all label instructions.  When reading labels remember that organic or natural still might not be safe for kids and pets.  Your fertilizer could contain herbicides that kill and prevent weeds.  When applying fertilizer wear protection clothing and eyewear, remember you could be working with harmful chemicals.  Also take care to rake or wipe up any over spread so that you can minimize your environmental impact.  Typically each product has a period of time where it is safe to use the lawn again.  Pay attention to these time frames and keep kids and pets off the lawn during non-safe times.


Good luck on your fall lawn program and stay safe.