Could Easter Egg be your downfall?

Easter will be here on Sunday. Easter has a lot in common with items in your home owners policy. Take the Easter Bunny for example, no one knows how he gets into your home but he does. What if instead of leaving eggs and baskets, he takes your stuff and causes damage to your home? How would you be compensated for the damage caused by the Easter Bunny. Your homeowners policy could, your homeowners policy could cover your dwelling and your personal property under coverage A and B. Easter Egg Hunts are another Easter Tradition. This tradition can also make you think about your homeowners policy. Many kids covet brightly colored eggs. These eggs can be very valuable to kids. What about your valuable stuff? Do you have jewelry, silverware or other valuable or collectible items. If so do you have an inland marine policy or inland marine endorsement on your homeowners policy? Many homeowners policies have a sub-limit for collectibles and jewelry. Scheduling these items can give you the coverage you need. Another Easter Egg item is liability. Imagine having all of the neighborhood over for an Easter Egg Hunt. During the activity one of the kids slips and falls getting injured. Your liability coverage would be your protection in the case of a lawsuit. A severe injury though could require an umbrella which provides additional liability protection. Enjoy the Easter holiday, but use the time right after to think if you are properly covered for your life. Give us a call and we can help you through this process.