What does CTE possibly have to do with your car insurance?

CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.  Typically this is a brain disorder caused by repeated blows or trauma to the head (https://www.alz.org/alzheimers-dementia/what-is-dementia/related_conditions/chronic-traumatic-encephalopathy-(cte).  CTE is currently a trending topic due to lawsuits filed against football leagues.  What could this possibly have to do with car insurance?  CTE could be the reason why you need to re-evaluate your limits on auto insurance.  Some literature list car accidents as a possible cause for CTE, at the very least Traumatic Brain Injury can be traced to car accidents.  What this means for you as an auto insurance policy holder is that if you are at fault for an accident involving a head injury, the injured party could come after you claiming Traumatic Brain Injury or CTE.  TBI and CTE could result in increasing claim payouts for auto accidents involving head trauma.  Being That CTE and TBI are fairly new issues facing the auto insurance industry we do not have a lot of data yet on exactly how this could affect claim payouts.  It might be time to have a discussion with us about your liability limits and your auto insurance policy.  You can reach out to us using the buttons for social media or give us a call at 412-344-2800.  Together we can navigate the changing world of insurance.