Do you have a child heading off to school?

Do you have child on their way to college for the first time or heading back to college?  Having your child away at school can be a scary notion for a parent as they have to give up some control over their loved ones.  Here are some items that could help keep your child a little safer away at school. 

1.        Pepper Spray:  Pepper spray is an aerosol spray containing oils typically from cayenne peppers and is issued for irritating the eyes and respiratory system.  There are a couple of different types of pepper spray, typically it’s the distance traveled that changes with each type.  Types of pepper spray can be foggers, streams, gel, and foams.  The stream has the longest distance at 15-20 typically. 

2.       Personal Emergency Protection Alarm:  A PEPA is a device that is portable and has a button that you hit, once the button is hit a loud alarm is given off to alert people nearby you are in destress.  These devices are typically battery operated and cost effective, typically running in a 16 to 30 dollar range.

3.       Mini Flashlight:  A mini flashlight has many uses.  This device can be used if you are coming home from the library late, lost on or off campus, or if your car breaks down. 

4.       High Visibility LED Safety light: This light you can wear while walking or jogging on campus.  The bright light will let traffic know you are there.

5.       First Aid Kit:  Self explanatory

6.       Keychain:  Make sure you know where all your keys are, not is worse than panicking over a set of missing keys


This list will help you get started getting ready to go back to school safer.