Back to school

Back to school season is here. For some kids it is going back to college, for others it is the first time out on their own. What does that have to do with insurance? Well possibly a couple of things. Is your child taking a car to school or are you dropping them off? If you are dropping your kid off at school without a car, you could qualify for a discount. Many companies will discount a child away at school without a car, some depend on how far away from home they are. Typically you get a reduce usage rate for your child. Is your child living in a dorm or renting an apartment? If you child is renting an apartment then you might need renters insurance. Some apartment complexes make their tenants furnish a renters policy to move in. Beyond being a requirement of some apartments, renters insurance could help you protect your child’s stuff and your personal wealth. Liability coverage’s on a renters policy could help protect you and your child in the event of a lawsuit. Back to school can be scary and exciting. Let us help you make next school year a good one.