Is a spring renewal in your plans?

Spring is officially here this week.  Spring brings thoughts of renewal and spring projects meant to get your home and car in shape after a long winter.  Spring can also be the time of year to evaluate your financial wellness.  One way to look at financial wellness is to ask the question what would happen if I died.  How would that event impact your loved ones?  What if one of your loved ones died?  How would that impact you?  The loss of an income can be a significant factor in your family’s well-being.  Life insurance can help you and your family keep your financial freedom.  There are three main types of life insurance, Term, Universal, and Whole-Life.  Each product offers unique features.  Life insurance can give you just a death benefit or it can give you cash value in an investment vehicle.  Give us a call at 412-344-2800 to see what life insurance policy fits your life better.  Remember life insurance is cheaper when you are younger, and you could get a discount on your home and auto policies.