Halloween is near

This month Halloween is the topic.  Halloween can be an exciting time for children and adults alike.  Trick or treating and Halloween parties can be fun for everyone.  Halloween can also be a dangerous time of the year.  According to theverge.com, about 43% more pedestrians die on Halloween as opposed to any other random autumn night.  In data compiled from 1975 to 2016, a total of 608 pedestrians died on Halloween, 55 of those deaths were children between 4 and 8.  During the month of October it starts getting darker out earlier that helps contribute to these numbers.  The night of Halloween can also see excited kids running into the street from behind cars and adults that may have had one too many drinks.  Reflectors or flashing lights on kids’ costumes can help drivers see children before it is too late.  Encouraging children to look both ways before crossing the street and visiting all houses on one side of the street first before crossing can help.  By visiting all houses on one side you can limit the amount of times a child has to cross the street.   According to Sperling’s Best Places, more accidents occurred in the middle of the block away from crosswalks and intersections.  Adults driving or supervising children are encourage to not use their cell phones so that they can maintain maximal focus, however have your cell phone with you in case of an emergency.   Adults supervising are encouraged to carry a flashlight with fresh batteries according to aap.org.  Also according to aap.org remind kids to never enter a car or someone’s home and to stay together in a group.  If you are driving on the night of your areas trick or treat, slow down and try to stay on main roads.  If you have been enjoying an adult beverage while out Uber can be a great idea for the trip home.  Enjoy Halloween and keep it safe.