Snow is here!

Snow is on the way.  Snow can be a big hazard on the roads but it is also a hazard at home.  One area of danger that many people over look is snow shoveling.  Before you head out make sure that you layer up to stay warm and remove clothing as you go to stay comfortable and not overheat.  Warming up is one thing that most people over look.  Going out into the cold can put the muscle in an environment for a pull or tear.  A few minutes of walking in place or bending side to side can help prepare for snow removal.  Another aspect of snow shoveling that many people over look is your shovel.  There are many ergonomically designed shovels available today.  Choosing one of these shovels can reduce the stress you place on your body.   A plastic shovel instead of a metal shovel can also reduce some of the weight and make shoveling easier.  Once you start the shoveling process remember to push the snow instead of trying to lifting it.  If you have to lift it, bend your knees and use your legs as much as possible.  Also avoid twisting as much as possible.  When the snow falls it can be beneficial to shovel as the snow falls so that the weight doesn’t pile up on you.  Take frequent breaks and walk around so that you can extend your back and keep it from cramping up.  Shoveling can also make you sweat, so remember to stay hydrated.  Be safe and take your time, our snow season can be a long one.