The Dog Park and warmer weather

The warmer weather is not just exciting for people; our four legged friends also get excited for more time outside and open windows.  One great activity that you can do with your dog is a trip to the local dog park.  The dog park can be a great place to socialize for you and your dog.  There are a few factors to consider though before you and your faithful companion take a trip to the local park.  The dog park can be a great place, but it is designed for dogs that are well-adjusted to social situations.  A dog park full of over aggressive dogs may not be the best option for you and your dog.  It is also a good idea to find a park or time where dogs are close to the same size as your dog.  Dogs can become injured when playing with dogs too large for them.  Be attentive of your dog, growling, mounting, and other aggressive behavior can be a sign that your dog and another dog might be close to fighting.  If you dog does start fighting with another dog remember to not get between them, instead throw water on the dogs or use a stick or object to separate them.  Finally bring your own water.  The communal bowl that is at the dog park can be full of parasites and other bacteria that can harm your dog. 


The dog park can also be a factor for your homeowners or renters insurance. One factor would be what if your dog got hurt and needed to see the vet or get an operation.  Vet bills can add up just like medical bills.  Pet health insurance is a thing, and we can help you out with that.  Safeco insurance does offer Pet Health Insurance and we would be happy to give you a quote.  Another issue would be what if your dog hurt someone else’s dog or someone else.  That could bring into play a potential liability claim.  That claim would go on your homeowners or renters policy.  Making sure you have the correct limits for your homeowners and renters can be the difference of a bad situation becoming worse.  After a day of play at the dog park your buddy could still be wound up and bouncing around in the car.  Be extra careful when backing up and driving and set up a divider from your dog if possible.  These precautions can keep you and your furry friend safe on the ride to and from the park. 


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