November brings Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most dangerous days for house fires during the year.  Many people are cooking large meals, using deep fryers, and generally just distracted by trying to get everything done.  This month in our blog we will look at Thanksgiving Day safety.  The first thing you can do before even thinking of Thanksgiving Day is make sure all of your fire extinguishers are in working order, or if you do not have any buying one or two. Have baking soda nearby as well in case of a grease fire.  Next if you haven’t checked/changed your smoke detector batteries make sure you do so now.  If you are having friends and family to your house check all walk ways and make sure they are clear and secure.  According to you should fix loose treads on exterior steps, and check for loose deck boards or loose pavers on walkways.  You can also look to tighten screws on hand rails and tack down rugs using two sided tape.  Also have de-icer or salt on hand to make driveways and walk ways less slippery.  Do a quick review of entry way and walk way lighting, make sure any dim or burned out lights are replaced.  You can also walk through the house and do some quick child proofing.  Moving heavy objects away from edges and covering electrical outlets are a good way to keep little ones safe.  Finally check and replenish your first aid kit.  A good first aid kit can help greatly during an emergency or with a small cut.  Hopefully this will help you prepare your home for the big day.  You can stay tuned to this blog for more help Thanksgiving Day hints.  You can also check out our social media accounts for more hints and tips.  We are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.