Should all my insurance be with one carrier?

If you watch TV for any amount of time you will see a commercial talking about bundling your insurance, or combining your insurance.  This is a very good practice with many advantages.  The main advantage is the multi-policy discount that you receive.  This discount in some cases can be a large discount and save you a lot of money.  Another advantage is ease of billing.  If you have all your insurance with one company you may be able to receive one bill in some circumstances.  This can save you the frustration of missing a payment due to thinking you already paid that bill.  One bill means no more thinking that you paid your auto insurance when you paid your home insurance.  A third advantage is one call for all your needs.  Having all your insurance with one carrier means that you only need to make one call and you can take care of your home and auto needs (or life and business).  The agent or customer service rep can easily pull up your information and give you the payment or coverage information you need for all policies.  Finally you can develop a good relationship with the agent and the customer service reps.  By having all lines of business with one carrier and making one call for all your needs you get a chance to have a comfortability with the people helping you.  Calling with a problem becomes easier because you are calling someone you know and trust. 


Are there circumstances’ where having different insurance companies is beneficial?  Yes, this can happen if there is a qualifying issue or a coverage issue.  Not every person qualifies for every insurance company based on driving record.  This could lead to a situation where it is more cost effective for you to split up your carriers.  Another time when it could be beneficial to have two different carriers is for coverages.  Carrier A might offer coverages that Carrier B does not on homeowners insurance.  When you look at the difference in cost for the multi-policy discount you might decide to pay a little more to obtain certain coverages.  You could say to yourself that you want the ability to call only one place and talk to the same people, how you can do this if you have two different carriers.  We can help you with that.  With an independent agent, you can have one agency look out for you.  The agency takes the guess work out of looking for the best fit between price and coverage.  Give us a call we would be happy to help you out, or use the email button to send us an email.