Halloween Driving Tips

Halloween is coming soon.  Kids will be excited and running through your neighborhood.  How can you make sure that you are safe so that you do not hurt trick or treaters while driving in a vehicle?  One way is to slow down.  For one night you might have to extend your commute by a few minutes.  Driving at a slower speed increases your chance to see trick or treaters running in front of you and if you do have an accident the odds of it being serious lessen.  Kids are excited about the night and running from house to house sometimes without regard to cross walks and in some cases without paying attention.  Another area to be careful around is parked cars.  Parked cars can present a couple of different issues.  One it could be someone getting dropped off and two, kids could run out from behind one with no warning.   Also be careful when backing out of your driveway as the same issues apply.  Be sure to use hazard lights and turn signals as well to communicate with pedestrians as well as other drivers.  If you are dropping off kids make sure you check your mirrors so that you can make sure no cars are coming.  Following these tips will help everyone have a safe and happy Halloween.